W&MR trains are rolling...just

The first garden railway loco moved today.

Much gandydancing on the W&MR

Serious progress on the roadbed, more than half done. About 70% of the main loop has roadbed.

Railways I'd like to ride one day

The world is full of enticing railroads to ride. One day I hope my son and I will share:

garden roadbed and tracklaying

Plastic trenching and sharp sand ballast make tracklaying go quickly and adjust easily. Soldering a jumper across every joint makes it go much more slowly!

garden railway level crossing for pedestrians

Strong enough to walk on, nothing to trip on after a few beers (other than a passing train)

WMR: tracklaying commenced

Ugh! Nearly a year since last post. these are hard times. Too busy writing books and chasing work.

WMR: landscape levelled

grading done, ordered last lot of blocks to finish retaining walls, about to lay track in cement "grade crossing' for pedestrian access

Physical areas vs power districts

The Port Bonifacio railroad is sectional. So power feeds need to go to each section.

Laying out track markings

I use a simple styrene template of a 90-degree track curve with an easement to tangent on one end. One side of the template is 580mm radius, the other 650mm.

Insurance inventory

I have built an online system on this website to manage my inventory of locos, rolling stock, track, electronics, structures, vehicles, books, DVDs...

TranzTrack G scale transfer table staging

I have built a six track transfer table for G-scale trains.

Locking concrete blocks

I recommend using interlocking concrete landscaping blocks to build garden beds.

shelf brackets and steel girder strip

OK metal shelf brackets are gaining popularity for around-the walls layouts, but I combined them with long steel girders to span one wall that was all window.

Unconventional materials

On the South Pacific lines we try out unconventional or innovative materials, while using traditional approaches where reliability might otherwise be at risk.

steel framing

camping mat subroadbed

I don't know the name of the plastic, but the rolls of 12mm dense foam sold as camping sleeping mats make great sub-roadbed.

styrene and PET-A control panels

I plan to make control panels out of a laminate of black styrene, printed graphics on paper, and clear PET-A plastic sheet.

extruded foam

On the original SPL I tried out riveted galv-steel wall framing with 50mm blue extruded Styrofoam glued to it.

steel framing

On the original SPL I tried out riveted galv-steel wall framing with 50mm blue extruded Styrofoam glued to it.

styrene backdrop

I use 2mm white styrene which i buy in 1200x1800 sheets for fifteen bucks from a plastics warehouse.

garden edging as an indoor fascia

here's an idea for cheap tough quick fascia for your benchwork.

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